Accommodation Rules

Smoking and the use of open FIRE, including CANDLES, are prohibited in all areas! Smoking areas are reserved and marked and are located only outside the building. An open fire can only be started on a dedicated fireplace / grill.

The maximum number of guests is 16 people.

  • Binding reservations are made by phone at tel. no .: + 421917581961 or email
    The booking confirmation will be sent by email from
  • Arrival to the accommodation is possible by telephone, written or email agreement, but not earlier than 14:00 and no later than 20:00 of the same day.
  • Upon arrival, each guest is provided with a valid ID. If it is not submitted, the accommodation provider is not obliged to provide accommodation.
  • Deposit: upon arrival, the guest is obliged to pay a refundable deposit in cash in case of damage to the equipment or property of the operator, in the amount of  € 400. The deposit will be refunded upon departure of the guest after an inspection of the accommodation.
  • Cancellation fees: in case of cancellation 21 – 0 days before the start of the stay, the cancellation fee is 100% of the paid deposit. Cancellation of the stay can only be done in writing, by email or by mail to the contact addresses.
  • Wireless internet is available in each room. Instructions, including a password, will be provided by the administrator upon request or are located in the common areas of the cottage.
  • Wifi name: chata pri potoku 
    Access password:     oscadnica2019
  • In each room and common room there is the possibility of watching cable and internet TV using SMART TV. The remote control to the TV will be located on the accommodation.
  • Damage, improper handling of equipment, or other damage caused by operation, will be fully reimbursed by guests.
  • What you definitely don’t need to bring with you are sheets, duvets, towels, kitchen equipment, cleaning products, toilet paper, dishwasher tablets, cleaning products, plastic bags for waste bins, etc. We are here to ensure that you have all the comfort, so all you need are personal belongings, cosmetics and cash to supplement the accommodation and deposit.
  • We ask our guests to think ecologically, so we have prepared containers for waste sorting and we ask for reasonable use of energy and water.
  • Guests are required to take a shower before entering the jacuzzi. In case of water change due to pollution by accommodated guests, a fee of € 20 will be charged.
  •  In the accommodation is strictly forbidden to use your own heat sources and cookers!
  • It is strictly forbidden to use any glassware in the jacuzzi and in its immediate vicinity. Only plastic dishes are allowed.
  • Night rest in the whole building is from 22:00 to 07:00. If the night rest is not respected, a possible fine will be paid by the accommodated guests.
  • We accommodate groups of young people only under the conditions of depositing a deposit of € 500 upon arrival. This deposit will be returned to the account or in cash within 5 days of the end of the stay and after a full inspection of the property. In case of excessive disorder, damaged property and complaints of the surroundings against the accommodated, the deposit will not be refunded. If the accommodation is found to have violated the rules of stay, such stay will be terminated immediately without compensation.
  • Departure time is set to 10:00. Upon departure, the guest will take off the used bedclothes and leave it together with the used towels on the floor in the room. The guest carries more bulky waste outside into sorted waste bins. The guest is obliged to perform basic cleaning of the room, wipe the kitchen, wash dishes.
  • Prices for accommodation are governed by the current valid price list, deposit, payment and complaint conditions, which are located in the accommodation facility. The surcharge of the price for accommodation and the refundable deposit will be taken over by the operator upon arrival at the accommodation.
  • Pets are not allowed in the whole cottage.
  • It is obligatory to use home shoes in the building. Outdoor shoes are placed in the entrance hall of the house in a reserved place.
  • It is strictly forbidden to move around the building in downhill ski boots, cross-country ski boots or cycling boots. These shoes are left in the storage room for sports equipment.
  • For safety reasons, it is not allowed to leave children under the age of 10 unattended in the building. Play elements installed in the garden may be used by children only accompanied by their legal representatives.
  • We ask guests to always lock all suitable and balcony doors after leaving the accommodation in their own interest.
  • In case of loss or damage of the keys, the guest is obliged to compensate the accommodation provider for the damage caused in the amount of  € 200.